Try a career on for size.

For generations, high schools have focused on preparing students for college right after high school. But things have changed. Some students may not be able to afford college, or they may not be ready for college right out of school. Others may want to pursue a technical career.

We know that college tuition is more expensive than ever, and many students today are finishing college with significant student debt—struggling to find a first job that covers their student loan payments. It’s harder these days to get to college and then determine what you want to study after you arrive. Classes may be full, and navigating the system takes longer, which makes college more expensive in the long run. It’s a system that works well for you if you know exactly what you want, but not all graduating students have that clarity right after high school.

That’s why we developed FUTURES—to give you options for entering today’s workforce. We analyze economic needs in Washington, specifically our area, and learn which jobs are in-demand. Then we lay the groundwork in our FUTURES programs to shepherd students like you right into these careers.

In FUTURES, you can gain a competitive advantage, try a career path before investing in a four-year degree, and learn technical real-world skills you can continue to build upon while working toward a certificate or degree.